This tree commonly grows beside streams in the north coast of NSW. It has cobalt blue edible fruit. This plant grows at Big Scrub Flora Reserve near Lismore. Walking Stick Palms grow beneath the tree.

A massive strangler fig, on the Wilson River south west of Kempsey. This tree is strangling a (still alive) brush box. There's several types of stranglers in NSW. This species is often of gigantic bulk. 60 metres tall and 45 metres wide. A bird eats the fig, drops the seed in a nook of a tree like this brush box, then it sends roots down to the earth.

A common rainforest tree on the north coast of NSW, identified by large convex buttresses. 

Once I saw an antechinus run up a vine, then jump and run along and down the narrow top of  a buttress of a Carabeen.  A speeding marsupial carnivore, resembling a mouse with a snout.

The photographed tree grows at Cobcroft rest area at Werrikimbe National Park, between Walcha and Port Macquarie at about 950 metres above sea level.

Blue Quandong

Yellow Carabeen

Small Leaf Fig (left)

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