Father Of The Year

the newspaper cutting

with brother Joe's arm in a sling

we're smiling to the camera

slicked back hair, bright faces

you crushed his arm the Sunday before

throwing him across the room

your golf clubs tumbling to the floor

the newspaper gives "a baseball accident"

then dead at nineteen in a car crash

after another humiliation from you

and here's pretty Paul

those diamond eyes glazed too many times

twenty years later he splattered those good looks

with your favourite gun

I'm shivering with goose bump skin

stoned and wanting to drink an ocean more

wrecking the room with angry arms

new blood spilt on carpet, an old vomit stain

"the perfect dad" died a while back

and his books sell millions today

but soon I'll be with you

and I'll throw this photo at your face

and in death you'll reap a never ending torment

the hot wind of hatred from your sons

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