Lord Howe Island

Camouflaged Lizard

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Lord Howe Island resulted from a shield volcano exploding, some 8 million years ago.  570 km east of Port Macquarie.  Great rainforests and walksSwimming and fishing. This island is a genuine paradise.  The locals, however, are not friendly.  I'd love to return to LHI for a honeymoon, anyone interested?

The Southern Angle Headed Dragon is often hard to find.  Here amidst the socketwood leaves at Comboyne, NSW.

Big Nellie Mountain

Here's a photo of my niece Georgina, aged ten.  Climbing Big Nellie Mountain near Taree, NSW.  A volcanic plug of trachyte, some 25 million years old.  The weather was as good as one could hope for in a lifetime.  22 degrees, a couple of days after the winter solstice.  Great echoes too from Big and nearby Little Nellie mountain. 

The grass topped Mount Cabrebald, in Barrington Tops National Park.