Mount Dromedary

I parked the car by the General Store

And the rusting tins of kerosene,

It's rained for a week and then some more

And everything about is green.

With a steaming horse the hopeful trod

This curve around a mountain stream,

From a gushing sluice they sought their god,

The yellow weight, their muddied dream.

There's a broken hearth where miners slept,

They spun this giant engine wheel

Before the flaking brown had crept

Around the boiler's buckled steel.

Footsteps, then a glimpse of chain

And huge grey boulders round and cold,

By blue protruding porcelain

There's talk again of days of gold.

Under Pinkwood trees is "old man's beard"

A hanging tangled mossy shroud

In ghostly white and vision weird

Through drowning mist of mountain cloud.

The final climb the steepest part

With ten more minutes 'til it's done,

Unwrapping lunch with a banging heart

By gold-necked lizards in the sun.

Beneath this ridge is a covered mine.

And towering limbs from fiery ground,

My steps now taken in decline

Past any treasures yet unfound.

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