Casuarina Wind

Listen to the wind in the casuarina trees,

Footsteps press on riverbank sand.

Voices of the air sing a simple melody

As everything is touched by the rhythm of the land.

A head full of thought, questions on my mind

Important answers wanted today,

But the ripples of the river and sandstone in the hills

Reach out a hand to take it all away.

An upturned boat is a chair for the day,

Passionfruit a meal growing free on a vine,

Violets picked from a swamp in the shade

And red mouthfuls of Hunter river wine.

Fingers stained from eating coloured fruit,

Insects and leaves caught resting on my arm,

Silence in the air but the whisper of the wind

Blows away the madness, blows away the harm.

No-one is near just a world of living plants,

Nothing is said but a voice of silent words.

The valley hears an echo of the cattle's lowing sound

And echoes in my mind of a thousand singing birds.

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