Here's Some Non Rhyming Poems

A disabled person seen at Evans Lookout, Blue Mountains overlooking the Grose Valley NSW. 


Arm's Reach

An imagined experience at a gorgeous beach, north of Batemans Bay.  This is my favourite beach, usually deserted or nearly so.

Depot Beach

All true, me in hospital with this loud kid.  He had plenty of personality and presence when not dead.  I wrote this poem at the blood bank waiting room.

Johnny Bell

Bing Crosby's sons didn't think much of dad.  Apparently Bing was a bung of a father.

A very hot day, about 40 degrees, and I met a charming co-worker outside the office building at North Ryde.  She often wore a navy suit, and looked  pretty.

Heatwave & Resonance

Sydney University's professor of Australian literature read this poem and said very nice things about my talent as a poet.  Thanks also to Amanda Wyllie for her smiling face.

Bulga State Forest

At Shoalhaven Heads I found this fire on Seven Mile Beach.  Then I drove back to Sydney and wrote 35 poems that afternoon, including this.

The search for the Red Cedar drives men insane.  This poem published in a university magazine in Canada

Cedar Cutter

I'm a friendly Giant, living in a cave.  Very forgiving and easy going.  But one day those pesky goblins went too far.  Upsetting a Giant can be dangerous.

Based on a forest near Fitzroy Falls in the Illawarra.  Coachwood and Native Laurel look OK.

Distant Waterfall

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