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Five Leaf

Water Vine

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Casuarina Wind

Hovering Kite

Granite Rock

A visit to Montague Island

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This is about a deserted homestead, out near Wee Waa and an imagined a hawk hovering above.  Drought on the western plains is not pretty.  A magazine published this poem with a drawing of a traditional paper and string kite with a tail.  Well, thanks for publishing it anyway.

This poem written outdoors at Webbs Creek, near Wisemans Ferry, on a Rotaract weekend away.  The pulchritudinous Karen Muddell has something to do with this poem.  In the dreamy peaceful Australian bush.

This is an early poem, liked by a few.  Call me naive and a plodder if you will.  Anna Bay on the mid north coast seemed a pleasant place to be.  The sea rocked back and forth, and I felt OK.

So what's so wrong about falling in love with a rainforest vine?  Janine Cooke said "say this to a girl, not a vine", when we walked past one of these plants.

Montague Island is about ten kilometres off shore from

Narooma, in the south coast of NSW.  A lovely place, often the site for picnics in the early twentieth century.

My imagination running wild for no obvious reason.  I like the idea of angels, blue flame, giant hawks, clouds and gold.  A "keep" is a stone castle, as per the movie of the same name.

This ex volcano is near Narooma on the NSW south coast.  Full of tall gum trees and Pinkwood rainforest.  A hundred years ago 400 people lived here, mining for gold.  Now no-one lives there.

Mount Dromedary



Pittwater is a beautiful inlet of the sea, Portuguese Beach is 45 minutes away, rowing towards Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Plenty of jellyfish seen that day.