Blue Fire

The blue fire wine gives a break in time

From a mirrored flask to the borderline,

Then from the storm of a dream filled mind

She sang the lore of porphyry wine.

A flaring blue rose from her head

With eyes inspired by a quest unsaid,

She opened her wings on the hearthside bed

And I seized my love from the fountainhead!

Arm in arm we began to run

With a gift of speed from Hermes' son

Raptors shrieked and attacked the sun,

Spearing flames at the Chosen One.

On a falcon's back with a screaming roar

The fighting bird and lovers saw

Beyond the land of a blue death war

To a clouded Keep with an open door.

An angel sits with a gold head band

In blue chiffon and a face untanned,

Beckoning eyes and an outstretched hand;

The promised gift of the blue fire land.

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