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Here's Some Limericks

There once was a brave abalone,

who rode on a galloping pony,

he carried two flags and three plastic bags

and only ate cold minestrone.

There once was a blue salamander,

with a boyfriend called Alexander.

They married in June, at her favourite lagoon, and now live on a wooden verandah.

There once was a mountain called Nellie,

who had an ache in the belly,

she shot out lava that landed in Java,

and watched it that night on the tellie

Good King Ron the goat,

loved to ski on his moat,

he splashed the shore and the old castle door

behind his blue motorboat

There once was a girl from Old Bar,

who drove a rickety car. 

She arrived at the beach, and found within reach a brilliant and beckoning star.

There once was a yellow canary,

who dreamed of becoming a fairy,

she grew crystal wings then got rid of those things and said this whole scene is too scary. 

There once was blue chocolate frog,

who lived in a sugary log, he had so

many smarties and threw weekly parties

and got stuck in a butterscotch bog.

There once was a T bone steak,

who fell in love with a cake,

her sugary beads fulfilled his needs

and the kitchen would quiver and shake.

There once was a piece of elastic,

who often became sarcastic,

when her friend the gecko received a multiple echo when shouting out "fantastic!"

There once was a king made of ice,

who chilled the star of paradise,

the star became bold and rejected the cold and burnt his head in a vice. 

There once was a young grain of sand,

who played in a rock and roll band,

they all became drunk and ate too much junk, and said "this is so wonderfully grand!"

There once was a skiing grey wizard,

who took off his skis in a blizzard,

he tied a blue rope at the top of the slope, and below to a passer-by lizard.