Brindle Creek

Big Nellie Mountain, near Taree, can be seen from the Pacific Highway bridge over the Manning River.  Climbed on a perfect day accompanied by my ten year old niece on June 24th, 2000.

Giant Red Cedar

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Big Nellie Mountain

One of the most beautiful rainforest creeks on earth.  It's in the far north of NSW. The forest is full of tall sub tropical rainforest trees, and also plenty of Antarctic Beech.  The best visual feature of the creek, is the space above the creek, below the canopy. A brush turkey followed me around for about ten minutes that day. Wild birds are often tame with me around.

This large Red Cedar, isn't far from Brindle Creek, but on the Queensland side of the border.  About 60 metres tall.  Red Cedar this size are possibly over 1,000 years old and extremely rare.

Southern Sassafras

Here's a photo of me and my favourite plant.  I've spent ages and plenty of money trying to find this scented beauty.  In this case, at Dilgry River, Barrington Tops.